What types of latex goalie gloves are there and what are they good for?

What types of latex goalie gloves are there and what are they good for?
5 May 2023

There are latexes with different names, but the formula for how they work is the same.

The softer the latex, the better the grip on the ball.

The harder the latex, the more durable the lead.

The thicker it is, the more secure the glove.

The thinner it is, the better feel you have for the ball.




Supersoft latex

Suitable for young goalkeepers. It offers good grip and durability for its price, but with poorer performance than other types of latex.


Giga Grip latex

Professional grade latex offering good grip and cushioning. Performs better when moist. It is suitable for all weather conditions and has improved durability.

See our giga grip latex models here.


Aqua latex

Latex specially developed to improve grip on the ball in wet weather. Its presentation in the dry is not so good.


Contact latex

Contact latex offers great grip in dry weather and good grip in wet as long as you don't keep the gloves wet. This is the latex most often used by professional goalkeepers around the world. It wears out faster.


Quartz latex

The quartz latex of the goalkeeper's gloves is placed between the gig and contact. It is characterized by good grip and durability.

How to clean our goalkeeper gloves to keep them as long as possible? This is a question that concerns all goalkeepers, regardless of age and the level at which they play. We will try to help you by explaining the process step by step below.

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